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Animal Paranormal

Are you being haunted?

If you are experiencing an animal haunting and have questions, please email me.

Upcoming Events

July 30, 2011
Houghton Mansion
North Adams, MA
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Houghton Mansion

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About the site

Have you seen animal ghosts?  Melissa Sehgal can help.Have you always wondered what your dog or cat is thinking? Were you not able to say goodbye to your pet before they passed. Animal communication brings answers to questions that people may not be able to answer. It can bring closure to an emotional situation and help the grieving process.
Animals communicate just like humans. Even though we think they do not understand us...they do.
Animals sense time and place. The are capable of feeling emotions- good and bad. Sometimes more often than humans can.
Connect with your animal companions. Communicate with animals living and those that have crossed over.
Animal readings are given over telephone, skype or in person.
To schedule a reading please emailĀ




About Melissa Sehgal

Mel Melissa Sehgal (better known as Vegan Mel) is an avid Animal Rights activist. Born and raised in Southern California. Vegan Mel has devoted much of her time to animal welfare. She has traveled across the country speaking for animal rights, including lobbying and demonstrations.
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